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Transforming Culture 

2018 Program Overview

October 5th

Jennifer Sandoval, Green Spark Group, emcee for the day

9:00am             Doors open (coffee and pastries available)

9:30am             Welcoming remarks

10:00am           Keynote

  • Cristina Mittermeier, Photographer, National Geographic; Founder, SeaLegacy

10:30am Reel Green

An overview of Reel Green activities that have happened over the past year and what’s in store for this coming year. Reel Green’s mission is to enable the evolution and implementation of sustainable practices in the motion picture industry to contribute to the betterment of the world

  • Prem Gill, Creative BC

  • Julie Bernard, Creative BC

  • Reel Green Advisory Committee

11:00am           Session: Sustainable Physical Production

Film practitioners currently implementing sustainable production practices in BC will discuss their approaches and achievements to date.  Find out what a producer, production manager, location manager, gaffer and studio think about on how to reduce environmental impacts on their productions.

  • Shannon Bart, NBCUniversal

  • Hans Dayal, Location Manager

  • Clara George, Producer

  • Casey Nelson Zutter, Production Manager

  • Keith Woods, Rigging Gaffer

  • Prem Gill (moderator)

12:00pm          Lunch and networking (food will be provided in the atrium)

1:00pm            Session: Life in the Fast Lane - Commercials and Sustainable Production

In the fast pace of the advertising/commercial world, the question is, “Can sustainable production practices be implemented?”  Learn from those at different points in the advertising value chain about the tools and approaches for sustainable production.

  • Kris Barberg, EcoSet

  • Jo Coombes, AdGreen

  • Andréa Fehsenfeld, Producer

  • Zena Harris, Green Spark Group (moderator)

2:00pm            Break

2:30 pm:          Industry Stewardship Pilot Project -- Staying Ahead of the Curve

The strategy for BC's newly established Industry Stewardship Pilot Project is unveiled.  Industry leaders from both sides of the border discuss the 'new normal' in location resource management and sustainability with a focus on the special collaboration between industry, municipal and community partners. The recently established 'Film Focused' advisory committee with industry and the City of Vancouver will be in the spotlight as a partnership model for success.

  • Welcome : Peter Leitch, MPPIA Chair & NSS/Mammoth Studios President

  • Panel Moderator: Marnie Orr, Creative BC Motion Picture Industry + Community Affairs Manager

  • Panelists:

  • Wendy Noss, President, MPA-Canada

  • Michael Walbrecht, Vice President, Public Affairs, Warner Bros. Entertainment

  • Andrew Williamson, Producer/Director, Off Island Media

  • Brian Hamilton, President, OmniFilm

3:45pm          Break

4:00pm         Session: Industry Stewardship --  We're in This Together

Seasoned industry and municipal leaders with boots on the ground discuss the gifts and challenges of a thriving, high volume location production landscape. Worst case scenarios with positive outcomes are discussed, with best practices transforming crisis management to prevention. Forward looking partnership strategies for the 'new normal' based on engagement, advocacy and education are introduced.

  • Welcome and Panel Moderator: Kendrie Upton, Directors Guild of Canada-BC Executive Director & MPPIA Executive

  • Panelists:

  • James Monk, City of Surrey Filming Manager

  • Val Gafka, Township of Langley Senior Manager of Economic Investment & Development

  • Matt Palmer, Location Manager

  • Ann Goobie, Location Manager

  • Sandi Swanigan, former Senior Manager Special Events and Filming, City of Vancouver

  • Summary remarks: Phil Klapwyk, IATSE 891 Business Representative + MPPIA Vice Chair

5:30pm            Reception and Awards Gala

The Sustainable Production Excellence Awards recognize productions and individuals that demonstrate leadership, excellent performance, and commitment to the integration of sustainable production practices. 

The ceremony will take place during the reception following the forum that day.    

October 6th

Andrew Robinson, Green Spark Group, emcee for the day

9:00am             Doors open (coffee and pastries available)

9:30am             Welcome and Award Winner Acknowledgement

9:45am             Keynote 

  • Helle Bank Jorgensen, United Nations Global Compact Network of Canada

10:00am           Session:  Sustainable Development Goals and Entertainment

This session will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and the role of entertainment in helping to achieve them. The 17 global SDGs offer an opportunity to discuss social and environmental aspects of sustainability to expand how we think about our ability to transform culture.

  • Helle Bank Jorgensen, United Nations Global Compact Network of Canada

  • Greg Reitman, BlueWater Entertainment, Producer, Director

  • Vanessa Timmer, One Earth (moderator)

11:00am           Break

11:30am           Session: The Hollywood Effect

This session explores storytelling and the ability to influence audiences through the “Hollywood Effect.” How can care for the planet be considered and incorporated in both storyline as well as on-screen behaviour?   How we can model the change we want to see in the world?

  • Ed Barreveld, Storyline Entertainment Inc., Producer, Dolphin Man screening at VIFF

  • Shannon Kaplun, Vice President of the Board, Women in Film TV

  • Jeremy Mathieu, Sustainability Advisor at BBC and International Manager for the BAFTA Albert Consortium

  • Greg Reitman, BlueWater Entertainment, Producer, Director

  • Zena Harris, Green Spark Group (moderator)

12:30pm          Lunch and networking (food will be provided in the atrium)

2:00pm            Session: Systems thinking and what does this mean on the studio lot?

There are many components to making a motion picture: material inputs, storyline, human resources, behaviour, energy, facilities, and the list goes on…In this session we’ll explore the concept of systems thinking and discuss how our facilities and supply chain enable a sustainable production.

  • Tracy Casavant, National Industrial Symbiosis Program

  • Lisa Day, 20th Century Fox

  • Sukhdeep Gill, Cielo Electric

  • Keith Woods, Rigging Gaffer

  • Nicholas Foster, Trinity Power

  • Murray Ward, Greenlight Canada (moderator)

3:00pm            Break

3:15pm            Session: Disruption breeds innovation

Climate change is the biggest threat of our time. We must disrupt our current way of doing business and create innovative ways to approach our craft.  Meet changemakers and learn how they are disrupting business as usual and exploring how our industry will operate in the future.

  • Zach Lipovsky, CEO, ShotLister

  • Mike Slavich, Warner Bros. Entertainment

  • Joe Tankersley, Futurist (moderator)

  • Steven Vitolo, CEO, Scriptation

  • Brittany Whitmore, CEO and Principal Publicist, Exvera Communications Inc.

4:15pm             #PledgePaperless launch

#pledgepaperless is a global campaign to eliminate unnecessary paper consumption in the film and television industry. By committing to #pledgepaperless, pledge participants agree to receive scripts and production documents digitally. The overall goal is to cultivate an industry-wide culture that is more environmentally conscious and create a standard where paperless is the default option.

  • Clara George, Producer

  • Jade Tailor, Actress, The Magicians

  • Steven Vitolo, CEO, Scriptation

 5:00pm              Reception