The screen-based storytelling community can shift business-as-usual practices and contribute to the global conversation about sustainability.

September 6-12:  Pre-Registration for the motion picture industry

September 13 - October 4: Registration open to all

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October 5 - 6, 2018



Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour St
Vancouver B.C. V6B 3M7


In 2018, we’re expanding the Forum
to include 2 days of discussions on:

Sustainable Development Goals and Entertainment

Transforming Culture

Advertising and On-Screen Impact

Sustainable Physical Production

Motion Picture Stewardship

+ More!


FORUM Overview

The Sustainable Production Forum (SPF), an intensive two-day conference at the Vancouver International Film Festival, serves as a platform to put sustainable production in the spotlight, both in a local and international context.  

Join us for expert panelists that can speak to sustainability in the industry, and inspire action. Evolving alongside the ever-changing nature of the sustainable production movement, the Forum will continue to offer bold, dynamic programming to address the most relevant issues, debate the most provocative topics and ultimately help advance sustainability in our industry.



Connect with major Hollywood studios, BC local industry professionals, and global sustainability organizations.



expert panelists

Learn more about the necessity of green production practices and how to implement them from pre-production all the way through to distribution.

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Innovate production processes in order to reduce waste, reduce carbon footprints, and improve the communities of which they are an integral part.


“I think it’s important to be mindful that
we make a product the world can very
well do without: a luxury good. And in
manufacturing a luxury, we must hold
ourselves to a higher standard.
Not only must we make a great
product…but we also must do
as little harm as possible.”

Winner of VIFF's 2016 Industry Builder Award

2018 Sustainable Production Speakers Include…


Community + Leaders + Action = Cultural Transformation


As the world’s first and leading conference focused on advancing the greening of the motion picture industry, Vancouver International Film Festival’s Sustainable Production Forum aims to provide a platform to explore, exchange and drive change at all levels of the ecosystem.

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“It ain’t easy being green, but Hollywood’s
film and TV productions are moving
more and more toward eco-friendly
practices on sets that not only help the
planet, but also can save money.” -VARIETY


Over the past several years, VIFF has held the Sustainable Production Forum (SPF), an event that helps raise awareness and brings together visionary leaders within the motion picture industry as well as individuals and organizations that support sustainable production to discuss environmental and social best practices.  The SPF has helped to inspire and educate current and future members of the motion picture industry on how to help reduce the overall negative impacts of production. 


VIFF is expanding their awards to include the Sustainable Production Excellence Awards. These awards recognize productions and individuals that demonstrate leadership, excellent performance, and commitment to the integration of sustainable production practices. They serve to celebrate and inspire those who work in motion picture and to challenge the industry to strive for excellence in sustainable production.


Winners of the Sustainable Production Excellence Awards will be invited to the Award gala taking place on October 5, 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of the Sustainable Production Forum.  All awardees will receive an award at the Gala and will be featured in VIFF communications to inspire others.  Through the international outreach of the Fest, the visibility of the awards hopes to spark action and continue the momentum of sustainable production globally.


In 2018 VIFF will recognize excellence in the categories of: 

Sustainable Production Impact – This category recognizes production(s) that have reduced greenhouse gas emissions and/or diverted waste from landfill and/or contributed positively to the local community.

Sustainable Production Champion – This category recognizes individuals that go above and beyond to advance sustainable production in the motion picture industry.  Up to five awards may be given in this category.

Read more on the Award details.

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“A ground-breaking
confluence of activity
around the environmental
impact of film production.”


Debris (2015), Dir. John Bolton


join us in vancouver

A city globally renowned for green thinking and living, Vancouver is the perfect city to lead the charge as a world-class destination for sustainable screen-based industry production.

Not only is Vancouver focused on being the greenest city in the world by 2020, it's is a year-round hub for shooting feature films and television series such as Deadpool, 50 Shades of Grey, Star Trek, Riverdale, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Arrow and The Flash

Join us in Vancouver this fall to enjoy magnificent mountains, amazing films, and delicious sushi. 



The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) showcases exemplary international content, the best in Canadian filmmaking and a bold Films+ program that takes audiences beyond the big screen. 

Today's VIFF reflects the dynamic cinematic landscape where changing content creation and consumption practices have opened the door to fresh opportunities and new ways to tell stories. Building on the success of our multi-experiential stream model,  VIFF will present films, talks, workshops and events that will engage and encourage our audiences to expand the frame.

VIFF's  Impact Stream celebrates uncompromising films, talks and events that that spark action and change the way we see the word. A key part of the Impact stream is VIFF's Sustainable Production Forum (SPF), where industry professionals and representatives from global and local sustainability organizations share best practices, encourage international collaborations and inspire the next generation of creators.

Entering its 37th year, VIFF has seen impressive growth year over year, cementing its place as one of the top international film festivals in North America. 

JOIN US AT VIFF 2018 - September 27 - October 12


“The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is
renowned across the world for encouraging and giving
a voice to important new trends that can influence
thinking for the future.” – Connect4Climate


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