to foster open, solutions-focused dialogue for all industry members.


The Sustainable Production Forum (SPF) focuses on the pressing issue of sustainability within the motion picture and entertainment industry. Evidence has shown that this industry is a massive contributor to our global environmental footprint and that motion picture and entertainment cannot continue business as usual. The SPF was imagined as a pathway to discuss and highlight the issues and create open dialogue to define solutions that work towards a vision for a sustainable industry.


This year, 2019, will be the 4th consecutive Sustainable Production Forum. Each year the SPF sees significant participation from industry members including major studios such as FOX, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, Disney, and Sony Pictures. The forum also draws members from all other areas of the industry, from government film permitting offices, to small indie productions, to producers and crew members. The SPF was originally launched as a collaboration between Green Spark Group and the Vancouver International Film Festival.


The intent of the forum is to curate informative, inspiring, and engaging content that can apply to all areas of the industry, and spark lasting change. When we gather all of the industry's numerous stakeholders in one forum, under one topic, incredible innovation occurs organically through connection with this community. The forum helps break down barriers within the industry and fosters a culture of collaboration that continues long after the SPF ends.




The 2018 SPF welcomed guests and speakers from around the world to focus on transforming the culture of motion picture and entertainment through sustainable practices. This was also the inaugural year for the Sustainable Excellence Awards. Read Reel Green's write up on the 2018 SPF here on Creative BC's website.



Industry experts gathered at the Forum to share the actions that are taking place in their local jurisdictions which inspire change and strengthen the sustainable production movement. Read Reel Green's write up on the 2017 SPF here on Creative BC's website.


The Sustainable Production Forum strives to be an environmentally conscious event and achieves a 90% waste diversion rate each year. This is accomplished by working with partners and setting sustainability parameters when creating the event. For 2019 we aim to reduce our impact by undertaking 6 core tactics outlined below. Additionally, the SPF team is committed to making every part of this event sustainable by going above and beyond these 6 tactics. We will be actively integrating sustainability throughout the entirety of the event planning and execution process.


Avoiding single-use, disposable items and encouraging reusable ware


Utilizing digital innovations to reduce paper and product consumption


Establishing a 3-bin waste system with clear signage


Sourcing low (or renewable) energy to reduce energy consumption


Donating food and product to local shelters, non-profits, and community groups


Reusing materials where available and avoiding production of new materials

Plant 1000 trees

As part of the 2019 SPF, we've partnered with Tree Canada and set a goal of planting 1000 trees. Trees will be planted in areas of British Columbia that have been affected by wildfire or other environmental threats. Help us plant 1000 trees by securing a ticket or a sponsor package. Each full SPF pass sold will plant 3 trees!


The team at Green Spark Group curates the Sustainable Production Forum in conjuction with and on behalf of industry partners. The 2019 Sustainable Production Forum is a collaboration with the Motion Picture Production Industry Association (MPPIA), a B.C. non-profit dedicated to cultivating a strong future for BC’s motion picture production sector. MPPIA members work together to inform, educate, develop and market new initiatives that ensure BC’s motion picture industry flourishes as part of British Columbia’s vibrant, environmentally conscious, knowledge-based economy.